Hi, I'm Natalie  

Thanks for your interest in Simply Nifty. Here are some details about me . . .



I am an Aussie, a devoted Wife to my Husband Lee and a loving Mother to our adorable cats, Tiabi and Hali (I’m biased I know but seriously take a look for yourself, they’re so darn cute!). 

I'm a Scorpio, a passionate writer and I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I am dancing queen, a yogi and a certified diver (I am drawn to the sea). I sing in the car, I prefer red wine and I love shopping with my Mum (who am I kidding, I love shopping full stop).


I am a total foodie and a complete sucker for my Husband’s home cooked meals (FYI, they are amazing and I do not cook = match made in heaven). I used to work on cruise ships (which is where I met my Hubby) so I love travelling and I have been fortunate enough to experience some seriously amazing things in life. I am now a Nespresso Coffee Specialist and dream of one day opening my own coffee shop with Lee.


Want to know more?

I come from a dancing background. I had my first ballet shoes at the tender age of two when I started Physical Culture, better known to Sydney siders as ‘Physie’. What is that? (You may be thinking). Imagine rhythmic marching meets choreographed movements. After relocating to Perth when I was seven I took up jazz, tap and ballet, then continued to dance long into my teens. Loving the stage I went on to study drama and dance at John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle, Western Australia. This led me to further my dance studies at Ed5 International in Sydney, New South Wales, which opened my eyes up to the world of cruise ships. I worked over six years for Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Cruise Line, jet setting all over the world and making amazing friendships along the way.


I have travelled all over North America including Canada, Bermuda, seventeen of the Caribbean islands and thirteen of the United States (Hawaii and Alaska have a piece of my heart). Cruise ship life has taken me as far south as the bottom of New Zealand and as far north as the top of Norway (otherwise known as Nordcapp in Honningsvag). I have also been to various destinations in Asia, France, Italy, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom. Working abroad even gave me the opportunity to visit remote locations such as Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands. I am truly blessed for the sights that I’ve seen but the travel bug in me is still very much alive and I am always looking forward to my next adventure.


Thank you for joining me on this journey to discover unique ideas, products and services that can have a positive impact on your life. I am excited to share my thoughts, ideas and niftiness with you all.




~ Natalie