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Anniversaries with a Traditional Twist

Anniversaries are special for many reasons. Not only are they a celebration of love and pay homage to our big day, but they also give us an opportunity to spoil our partner. My husband and I have always been big gift givers. Not necessarily for a special occasion but simply because we feel like doing something nice for each other. I have to admit that I love shopping for gifts, giving gifts and receiving gifts. Buying for others has always come naturally to me. But through talking to other people I have come to find that gift giving can sometimes be a very difficult undertaking, especially if your loved one doesn’t drop hints, says they don’t want anything or already has everything you could possibly think of getting them.

One day at work I was talking to my colleague Sarah about her upcoming second anniversary. She told me that her and her husband were going to give each other traditional gifts. What are these you may be thinking??? Don’t worry, so was I. There is a collection of traditional anniversary gifts that are listed by year, which you can use as inspiration to buy for your loved one. Sarah told me that instead of exchanging gifts just for the sake of it they wanted to give practical and meaningful things that they had found for one another. I was intrigued so I did some further investigation. In order to help you for years to come I thought that I would share this list with all of you, along with some helpful gift ideas too . . .

Anniversary Gifts By Year:

1st YEAR: Paper

Love letter, personalised notebook, reading book, portrait, painting, take a drawing class together, ticket to a show/concert/holiday.

2nd YEAR: Cotton

Cotton candy (fairy floss), socks, underwear, tie, t-shirt, pyjamas, bathrobe, personalised pillowcase, Egyptian cotton bed sheets, blanket, towels, tablecloth, napkins, chef apron, plant hanger or canvas print.

3rd YEAR: Leather

Luggage tag, belt, wallet, bag, gloves, jacket or lounge.

4th YEAR: Fruit & Flowers

Make them a fruit smoothie for breakfast, fruit basket, recreate the bridal bouquet, wine tasting or trip to Holland for Tulip season (April).

5th YEAR: Wood

Photo in a frame, jewellery/keepsake box, chopping board, furniture, plant a tree, go for a hike or go camping.

6th YEAR: Iron / Candy – lollies, chocolate, hamper of their favourite sweet treats, bowl or paperweight.

7th YEAR: Wool / Copper

Scarf, clothing, throw, blanket, coins, cookware or rose gold jewellery.

8th YEAR: Pottery / Bronze

Mug, bowl, vase, sculpture, gnome couple or take a pottery class together.

9th YEAR: Pottery / Willow

Willow Tree figurine, bonsai, wicker furniture, organise a picnic basket with all of their favourite things or plant a willow tree.

10th YEAR: Tin / Aluminium

Cocktail shaker, thermos, lunch box or product made out of recycled aluminium.

11th YEAR: Steel

Cutlery, cookware, bowl, jewellery or any product made out of stainless steel.

12th YEAR: Silk or Linen

Eye mask, scarf, gloves, tie, camisole, nightgown, robe, pillowcase or sheets.

13th YEAR: Lace

Underwear, clothing, lace up shoes or table cloth/runner.

14th YEAR: Ivory

Ivory coloured item.

15th YEAR: Crystal

Champagne flutes, wine glasses, decanter, bowl, vase or Swarovski jewellery.

16th YEAR: Coffee or Tea

Bag of coffee, tea diffuser, travel mug, make them their morning coffee/tea, organise a date at a new coffee shop or upgrade your coffee machine.

17th YEAR: Wine or Spirits

Invent a new cocktail, go to a wine tasting together or take a trip to a winery.

18th YEAR: Appliances

Upgrade an existing appliance or get that one thing they have had their eye on for a while.

19th Year: Jade

Jade jewellery, jade Buddha, jade inukshuk, jade (green) coloured item or a bonsai tree.

20th YEAR: China

Chopsticks, vintage tea set, dinner at a Chinese restaurant or a trip to China.

21st YEAR: Fire

BBQ set, make s’mores together, romantic dinner with candles or a trip to a volcanic location.

22nd YEAR: Water

Water bottle, spend a day at the beach, visit an aquarium, dinner cruise on a riverboat, a cruise on an ocean liner or install a pool.

23rd YEAR: Air

Decorate a room full of balloons, send a balloon bouquet to their work, take a hot air balloon ride, take a trip in a helicopter/float plane, go parasailing or go skydiving.

24th YEAR: Stone

Gemstone jewellery, hot stone massage or dinner at a Japanese hibachi restaurant.

25th YEAR: Silver

Silver jewellery, cufflinks, pen, coins or commemorative plate.

26th YEAR: Art

Framed artwork, take an art class together or organise a date at a local art museum.

27th YEAR: Music

Organise a playlist for them, buy tickets to a concert/orchestra or organise a date at a karaoke bar.

28th YEAR: Linens

Bedding or table cloth/runner/napkins.

29th YEAR: Tools

Manicure set, cooking gadgets, drill bits or a gift card to a salon/kitchen/hardware store.

30th YEAR: Pearl

Pearl jewellery, item made out of mother of pearl or trip to Venice (the pearl of the Adriatic).

31st YEAR: Travel

Luggage tag, upgrade suitcase, go to all the tourist places that are in your own backyard or take a trip to somewhere they have always wanted to go (their dream vacation).

32nd YEAR: Bronze

Rose gold jewellery, bowl, wind chime or item made out of bronze.

33rd YEAR: Iron

Horseshoe, cast iron pan, gym membership or round of golf.

34th YEAR: Food

Gift basket, make them breakfast in bed, baking, organise a picnic, cook a romantic dinner, dine at a five-star restaurant or take a cooking class together.

35th YEAR: Coral

Walk along the beach, go to a shell shop, go diving together or take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef/Ningaloo Reef.

36th YEAR: Antiques

Find old-fashioned treasures or repurposed furniture.

37th YEAR: Books

Find a book by their favourite author, go to the library together or buy them a kindle.

38thYEAR: Luck

Fortune cookie, four-leaf clover, scratchy, lotto ticket, lucky charm, date night at the casino or take a trip to Las Vegas.

39th YEAR: Laughter

Funny card/sign/poster, movie night with comedy gold, date night at a comedy club or tickets to see a comedian.

40th YEAR: Ruby

Roses, ruby jewellery or artisan glass.

41st YEAR: Office / Desk Décor

Stationary, world map, globe or upgrade one of their electronic devices.

42nd YEAR: Clocks / Watches

Alarm clock, watch, sundial or piece of art reflecting time.

43rd YEAR: Entertainment

Tickets to a movie/show/concert/ballet/opera or upgrade your television.

44th YEAR: Electronics

Digital photo frame, upgrade electrical device or buy a new car.

45th YEAR: Sapphire

Blue flowers, sapphire jewellery or artisan glass.

46th YEAR: Games

Video games, play old school board games, create a treasure hunt or go on a date to a big ticket-sporting event.

47th YEAR: Garden / Plants

Go for a walk in the park holding hands, visit a botanical garden or buy a garden bench/outdoor setting.

48th YEAR: Home improvement

Paint, spruce up a dull space, remodel an area of your home, renovate an old bathroom or organise a handy man/cleaner for the day.

49th YEAR: Copper

Copper mug, copper cooking utensils or an item made out of copper.

50th YEAR: Gold

Gold watch/pocket watch, upgrade wedding rings or take a trip to the Gold Coast.

51st YEAR: Photos / Cameras

Make a collage, photo frame, digital frame, organise a professional photo shoot, take a photography class together or buy a old-fashioned instant camera.

52nd YEAR: Bath / Spa

Scented shower gels, bath salts/melts, run them a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, book them a salt float or send them to a day spa.

53rd YEAR: Plastic

Gift card or shopping spree on your credit card.

54th YEAR: Glass

Glassware, mirror, piece of blown glass or attend a glass-making workshop together.

55th YEAR: Emerald

Emerald jewellery or green themed items.

56th YEAR: Day

Pack their lunch for them, watch a movie with a title that has ‘day’ in it (One Fine Day) or take a day trip to a local attraction.

57th YEAR: Night

Watch a movie with a title that has ‘night’ in it (Saturday Night Fever), go stargazing, go on a date to your local observatory or enjoy a night out on the town.

58th YEAR: Faith / Hope

Book of poems/quotes/inspirational sayings or a cross/angel pendant.

59th YEAR: Charity

Make a donation, order a gift from a not-for profit organisation or offer your time to those in need.

60th YEAR: Diamond

Diamond jewellery (ring/earrings/pendant/bracelet/bangle) or loose diamond.

Lee and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary on 10.10.2018. Whatever year you find yourself celebrating I wish you a very happy anniversary full of love, light and laughter. Cheers to many more memorable years X

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