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Game Changer For Cat Owners

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Owning a cat is one of the most rewarding experiences, but there is one thing that all fur parent’s dread . . . emptying the kitty litter tray. It’s stinky, messy and an absolute pain to clean. Not to mention the moment you lay fresh kitty litter down your cat always feels the need to christen it. It’s a never-ending cycle of pooping and scooping. Surely there has got to be a better way! Well, I’m here to tell you my feline friends that there is. Imagine a kitty litter box that contains odour, doesn’t require scooping and only has to be changed every couple of weeks. PetSafe has taken the hassle out of waste management with their innovative product ScoopFree, the scoop free litter box.

The ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box has three main components, the disposable litter tray with leak proof lining, the litter box that sits over the tray and the privacy hood that connects to the box. When your cat enters the box a sensor detects its presence. Once your cat has finished doing its business the sensor detects that your cat has left and commences the countdown to the 5, 10 or 20-minute timer that you have preset for the automatic rake system. Rest assured the timer resets itself if the sensor detects that your cat has re-entered the box. When the timer has elapsed the stainless steel rake sweeps through the crystal kitty litter catching all of the waste in its path and stores it in a covered compartment. The rake then retracts back to its stationary position smoothing out the kitty litter along the way. There is a usage counter that tracks how many times your cat has used the litter box in order to quickly identify possible health problems. Because the disposable tray is made up of premium biodegradable crystals it minimizes odour by absorbing liquid five times more efficiently than other kitty litters on the market. Unlike normal kitty litter trays that need to be scooped daily the ScoopFree litter box just needs to be replaced after 20-30 days for one cat, 10-15 days for two cats or 7-10 days for three cats. You simply lift up the litter box, slide out the disposable tray, place the lid on top of the tray to contain the waste, dispose of the tray, replace it with a fresh one and place the litter box back on top of the tray. It’s that easy!

ScoopFree is not just a litter box, it is a game changer for all cat owners. Think about it. How many times do you currently have to scoop your cat’s poop or change the kitty litter? Since my husband and I got our ScoopFree we have not looked back. This smart kitty litter box is the first of its kind and has made cleaning up after our two fur babies an absolute breeze! It is easy to set up, isn’t as noticeable as other kitty litter trays, provides privacy for your cat, doesn’t omit as much odour, doesn’t require scooping and even gives you peace of mind for your cats health. What more could you ask for? I am so happy to share ScoopFree with all of you because it was one of my motivations for wanting to create Simply Nifty. Ideas, products and services that can make our lives easier should not be kept a secret.

In order to help get ScoopFree into your home the amazing team at Petsafe is offering Simply Nifty readers 10% off all of their ScoopFree products. This includes the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Ultra or Original) and ScoopFree Replacement Blue Crystal Litter Trays. Simply click on the link below and type the promo code ‘SIMPLYNIFTY’ at the checkout to receive your discount.


Make scooping the poop a thing of the past and get your ScoopFree today. Your cat will love you for it. Happy International Cat Day. Meow . . .

Please note: This article has been written from our experience with ScoopFree. Every once and a while we give the rake a wipe down to make sure that nothing sticks to it. If the waste trap is full before the crystals are saturated you can opt to scoop the contents of the compartment to prolong the life of your litter tray. One litter box is designed for one to two cats. Although in some circumstances it is possible to accommodate three cats, a second litter box is recommended. If the crystals turn yellow they are at their absorption point and it is an indication to replace the litter tray. ScoopFree has been rigorously tested for more than 100,000 cycles without failure or jamming. If you have any concerns about your ScoopFree products please contact the support team.

ScoopFree Support:



ScoopFree User Guide:


What is the difference between the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box and the ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box?

- The Ultra has a privacy hood for your cat to have a secluded bathroom and to reduce litter tracking.

- The Ultra has a health tracker.

- The Ultra has a choice of a 5, 10 or 20-minute countdown for the automatic rake system whereas the Original is set to 20 minutes.

Introducing your cat to the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box:

(Taken directly from the PetSafe website)

Some cats may require an adjustment period to get used to a new litter box. Here are a few tips to help with the transition:

1. Place the new litter box next to your cat’s existing litter box.

2. Allow your cat to have access to both the old and the new litter boxes for at least a week. This time may vary based on the temperament of your cat.

3. You may want to leave the system unplugged for a few days to allow your cat the opportunity to use the litter box without any distractions. You will need to manually scoop waste from the new box until your cat is fully acclimated to using the new litter box.

4. Allow your cat’s old litter box to remain dirty. Cats prefer a clean litter box and this will make the new box more appealing.

5. Once your cat is acclimated to the new box, just plug in the system and your cat should find the new litter box clean and ready for use. Remove the old litter box from the area.

Other waste management products to consider:

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- ScoopFree Reusable Cat Litter Tray

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