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Hampers For All Occasions

In the spirit of Easter I thought that I would write about one of my all time favourite DIY projects. I love making hampers! Not only do they allow me to get creative but I also enjoy putting together a basket full of goodies that I have personally chosen with my loved one in mind. Whether it be for Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, a baby shower or even your loved ones birthday, you name it, a hamper is a fantastic idea! For this article I have created Easter hampers full of chocolate goodness.

Here are seven simple steps to creating a beautiful hamper for your special someone . . .

1. Decide on a Theme

The theme can either reflect the occasion for the hamper or be something that you simply decide upon. You may want to choose a colour to coordinate everything with or focus on a subject your loved one is interested in. Either way, it will be the inspiration for the hamper and will help you decide what direction to take. Some ideas for themes include;

- Colour theme (what is your loved ones favourite colour?)

- Celebration theme (baby shower or 30th birthday)

- Food theme (wine, specialty coffee or chocolate)

- Relaxation theme (spa or salon)

- Travel theme (cruise or destination specific)

- Craft theme (scrapbooking)

- Music or Movie theme (Michael Jackson or Harry Potter)

- Sporting or Fitness theme (basketball or yoga)

I have chosen a chocolate theme - yum!

2. Decide on a Budget

Having an idea of how much you would like to spend will help you to make decisions regarding your hamper. Homemade items such as baked goods will help you keep your costs down. Also, buying things in bulk or on sale will assist in saving those extra dollars.

I was lucky enough to get most of my chocolate half price - shop the sales!

3. Choose your Base

The base is the foundation for your whole hamper. You want to choose something that is durable and will be big enough to hold everything that you intend to put inside it. The most popular ideas for bases include;

- Baskets

- Metal buckets

- Decorative tins

- Serving bowls

- Mugs

- Glassware

- Pottery

- Wooden boxes

- Crates

I have chosen four bases with different textures;

- Blue wire basket from Kmart ($3.00AU)

- Aqua woven basket from The Reject Shop ($1.50AU)

- Grey material basket from Kmart ($4.00AU)

- Glass canister with wooden lid from Kmart ($3.50AU)

4. Choose your Contents

The awesome thing about a hamper is you can put anything in it. Think about the person that you are making the hamper for. What are their likes/dislikes? What interests them most? What do they eat? What do they do for a living? I suggest having a statement piece that all of the other items will compliment. It is also nice to buy things for your loved one that they may not necessarily buy for themselves. For example, a new Mum may dream of a visit to the salon but isn’t likely to organise it herself. Treat your loved ones to things that they will truly enjoy.

I have selected Cadbury and Red Tulip chocolate from Coles and Woolworths.

5. Arrange your Items

It is fun to play around with the arrangement of your hamper. This is the time when all of your hard work in selecting items will come together to make something special. In placing your items I would suggest to start with your largest or tallest item and arrange everything else around it. Consider overlapping items and don’t be afraid to move things around to find what works best.

Handmade rabbit from Bed Bath N' Table ($7.46AU).

6. Fill the Gaps

Filler is a great way of lifting the contents of your hamper to create opulence and grandeur. I find that scrunched up tissue paper or shredded coloured paper works best and it cost affective.

I decided upon gift box shreds from The Reject Shop ($2.00AU).

7. Wrap It Up

Cellophane is hands down the best option for wrapping your hamper. Because of its see-through properties it allows your loved one to get a sneak peek at their goodies before seeing them up close. Make sure to style your hamper with a tie, ribbon or bow. Adding that final element really does finish off your hamper and makes it unique to you.

Hampers are a great alternative to a traditional gift so have fun with it and give your loved one something that is truly meaningful.

Please feel free to share this article with a friend or family member so they too can benefit from this nifty knowledge.

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