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Treat Your Feet

Let’s talk about feet. I’m sure that’s not something you hear everyday. Well, you might if you’re a Podiatrist but not if you’re trying to impress someone on a first date or spark up conversation at the office. Feet are the anatomical platform on which we stand and our means of locomotion. They play such an important part in our everyday lives, yet many of us neglect them and the signs they give us to indicate that something isn’t quite right. Have you ever had those days when your dogs just won’t stop barking? I don’t mean actual dogs, I mean your feet. It is the sort of pain when your feet are so uncomfortable that you feel as though you could rip them off in exchange for a new pair. If you have experienced this for yourself or know of someone who has, then have I got the remedy for you. Cue . . . the Solemender.

Perhaps the name sounds familiar to you. That is because it was pitched on Shark Tank back in October 2017 (Season 9, Episode 4) by creator Ehan Kamat and his Father Vinay Kamat. At the tender age of twelve Ehan invented Solemender to relieve his Mother’s (Dr Sona Kamat - Rheumatology Specialist) Plantar Fasciitis. What is that you may be asking? Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition whereby the patient experiences inflammation of a thick band of tissue (a ligament called plantar fascia) that runs across the bottom of the foot connecting the heel bone to the toes. In other words . . . a feeling of aching or ‘barking’ feet. Ehan used to watch his Mum roll her feet over nubby balls (round toys with spikes) or frozen water bottles and knew that there had to be a better solution. That is when the idea sparked for him to create a stainless steel roller that would not only sit securely in a non-slip base but also fit snuggly in the arch of the foot to help relieve pain.

Speaking to his Father it is clear that Ehan has always been an inventor at heart. "He embodies the characteristics that all great entrepreneurs have; assiduousness, creativity, audacity and grit". Inventing a product is one thing but naming it is a whole other ball game. Both avid fans of William Shakespeare, the Father/Son duo were inspired by an excerpt in the first act of the play ‘Julius Cesar’, whereby a cobbler claims to be "a mender of bad soles". This pun gave rise to a play on words and set the scene for Solemender. Although the nifty product wasn’t able to snag a deal in the tank, Baseball icon Alex Rodrigues (aka A-Rod) asked Ehan to contact him when he was ready for an internship and he would mentor the young entrepreneur. Now a student at the University of California at Berkley in San Fransisco Ehan has big plans for Solemender including moving into retail and worldwide domination, I mean distribution.

During my fulltime dance studies I had my fair share of overworked and tired feet. Like Ehan’s Mum I used to roll the soles of my feet on nubby balls to massage the band of connective tissue in my arches. Although it would temporarily relieve the pain, it never quite hit the spot like the Solemender does. My experience in this area became even more real when I was recently diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. It was Solemender to the rescue. From the moment you place your foot on the frozen roller there is an instant sense of relief from the chilled metal. When you roll the ball of your foot, arch or heel across the roller it massages the affected areas and the pain seems to magically subside. It’s a complete Godsend!

If you’re tired of overworked and painful feet then look no further. Get your very own Solemender today and receive 10% off at the checkout by applying the coupon code ‘SIMPLYNIFTY’.

Simply head to:


So, what are you waiting for??? The time is now to walk on fluffy clouds, not barking dogs. Get the relief that you deserve and treat your feet!

Please note: This article was written from my own experience with Solemender. It was in no way, shape or form sponsored. Please take the information given with a grain of salt. If your pain or other symptoms persist, seek medical advice and talk to your health care professional.

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